No win – no fee

Carpentum Capital is the first Swiss based company that is specialised in arbitration finance for Latin America. As a third party funder we are looking to finance arbitrations (or litigations) of cases connected with Latin America .

In exchange for carrying the risk inherent in each legal dispute, Carpentum Capital will be reimbursed with an agreed percentage of any award or a multiple of our financial contribution or a combination of both.  We are pretty flexible in that respect. Always provided our client wins the arbitration or settles favourably. If the case fails, we will lose our investment. In  short: no win – no fee.

Capital optimisation

Carpentum Capital is set-up particularly for the attractive Latin American market, where arbitration finance is a new  tool for claimants, businesses as well as law-firms.

Our services allows individuals and businesses to pursue the enforcement of their rights by way of arbitration. But this is just one aspect. In addition,  outsourcing legal costs can be a highly attractive instrument of capital optimisation.

Law-firms or larger businesses may value the possibility of Portfolio Financing, which  means that several risks can be bundled into one single financing agreement. As a result  a law firm can capitalize for example on a portfolio it handles and that is driven by success fee arrangements. Larger businesses can outsource their legal costs for a whole portfolio of disputes, thus being able to better allocate their working capital while still benefitting from the aggregate success of such portfolio.

We can even help well before your dispute ends up in arbitration or litigation. For selected cases we offer Settlement Strategy Funding, a unique product used to finance your settlement strategy and any legal costs, expert work or investigations required.

Expert Knowledge

Carpentum Capital  is a dedicated team of specialists and lawyers from Latin America and Europe with vast experience in legal proceedings of all kinds. Needless to say that we speak the languages required to assess  your case and we have the expertise to decide swiftly. As a company specialised in arbitration finance for Latin America we combine local expert knowledge with international arbitration and litigation experience. Our multilingual team consists of attorneys admitted in various Latin American jurisdictions solicitors of England and Wales, and ARIAS US as well as  ICC arbitrators.

In terms of legal sectors we cover oil & gas, energy & mining, construction, infrastructure, insurance and reinsurance, maritime or general commercial law. With our network of boutique law-firms in various jurisdictions we are to review almost any case. Feel free to challenge us!